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Watching Our Every Move—From Space

Publié par Katebtageblog sur 19 Août 2013, 01:24am

Catégories : #Sciences علوم وتكنولوجيا

Should extraterrestrials be looking down at Earth from space, they would know a few things about us humans. They would know our routines are dictated by the sun. They would see that we tend to congregate and build near water. But perhaps most of all, they would know that we move. Today’s world is an interconnected one. A customer in the United States can order a shirt from Tokyo and have it in a day. A family can visit cousins across the globe. We ship(...) presents, and people at a massive rate and volume. And it shows. Much of our transportation can indeed by seen from space, and here are some of the most striking images to prove it.

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This orange image, from NASA’s Aura satellite, shows how shipping traffic can actually create cloud layers from the particles and gasses emitted by ships. (...). Much of this signal comes from nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in engine exhaust. And while ships cross through almost all parts of the oceans, the line seen in this image is so distinct because it is one of the narrower, most concentrated routes (between Sri Lanka and the Malacca Straight, a path highlighted in the video below), and moves across what is generally pristine air.


To get a sense for the scale of shipping around the world, watch this video showing the routes and concentration of shipping traffic as seen from space.

Link to the original article (To read more) :http://nautil.us/blog/watching-our-every-movefrom-space

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